This weekend’s Trifecta Challenge is to write a letter of apology in 33 words (addresses, salutations, closings not included in 33 word limit). I love this idea! “I’m sorry” already rolls off my tongue too many times a day to count. A million apologies are swirling in my head. Where to start?!

Dear angry red-faced woman who called me Jezebel,

I am sorry if breastfeeding offends you. I really do try to be discreet. But it’s difficult when you make a scene. Did you know your husband didn’t even see me til then?


Although I am a proud nursing mama, this has not actually happened to me. However, I have witnessed similar situations on more than one occasion.


18 thoughts on “Apology

  1. way back in the day – when I was much younger – and a nursing mother – I had two old women walk up to me asking to see my baby – then slowly back away shaking their heads “oooohhhhh, you’re NURSING!” hahaha discretion rules and old women drool. (oh, wait)

    great read, Jezebel (heh)

  2. I have always wondered why taking care of a baby is offensive to some. If they do not want to see any breasts, they only need to look away. I say that there are a lot of breasts out there that are almost hanging out and yet they are not feeding a baby. Should they get covered too? :-)) 😉

  3. Close mindedness is stupid, isn’t it. You’re feeding a child, not dancing a pole.

    good job, i felt your frustration

  4. Great letter! It’s crazy that overt sex appeal is okay but feeding babies aren’t when it comes to breasts in public. People need to get their priorities straight.

  5. Where is the LOVE THIS button? An older family member told me once that I should “go back into the other room if you are going to do THAT” when I was at a family function…GRRRRRRR! I stayed right there…Great apology…

  6. I nursed two kids for a total of four years. I actually got called a hippie once when my boy was two. The accuser asked me why I felt “the need to perpetuate a third world country custom.” No lie.

    I made sure to flash my breasts “accidentally” in her direction even more on that occasion.

  7. Yeah, I’m afraid I hate idiots like that. We didn’t know WHY my daughter was so very unwilling to have her head covered, but she couldn’t eat anyway, kid could barely suck, and I had no choice but to whip the boob out, all G cups of it (K at the height of milk season) and just point the nipple and hope she stayed on there for more than two or three minutes before I had to move everything around again.

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