This week Trifecta‘s challenge word is cheap.

3   a : of inferior quality or worth : tawdry, sleazy <cheap workmanship>                                 b : contemptible because of lack of any fine, lofty, or redeeming qualities <feeling cheap>         

This week I decided to try to write outside of my usual semi-autobiographical bubble. “Semi” because the nursery walls are eggshell, Amazing Grace wasn’t playing when we decided we weren’t going back, the flyer did not say “the end is near,” and the ringer on our phone is never, ever (ever, ever, ever) on. Anyway, I hope I captured what I was going for…


Most nights she went home alone, but the loneliest were the nights she didn’t. Tonight was no exception. A bottle of cheap Merlot ushered in the fake good times, and then he was gone.

She remembered once hearing a man snidely refer to his lover as just a warm body. She ran her hand down to her cold, damp thigh. “No,” she thought, “I’m not even that.”


9 thoughts on “Cheap

  1. Congratulations on the win! I think you did capture it, and beautifully. That emptiness of not even being a warm body for herself (let alone someone else) feels so right for the story.

  2. The Merlot may be cheap, but that is the last thing the lady in the story is. If anything, she is this great treaure that somehow has been forgotten. I look forward to the day when she finds herself shining in the sun again.

    Such a wonderful story here. Congradulations! 🙂

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