Trifextra: Week Nine

Trifecta: For your prompt this week, we are giving you the first 33 words of a story. You need to complete it with 33 of your own words.

“There’s nothing cute about it,” he said. The register of his voice indicated decision more so than discussion.

She disagreed heartily and privately, staring past his head and out the window behind him.

“I don’t know… I actually think I like it,” his mother finally added, rising to stand next to her daughter-in-law.

And with that it was settled: the nursery walls would be painted plaid.


21 thoughts on “Trifextra: Week Nine

  1. Clever, indeed. M-i-L to the rescue – thus giving dialogue without getting daughter to provide the contradiction of saying what she thinks privately. (I wonder how many will fall into that trap?)

  2. Thank God for a supportive MIL, or maybe she’s just do the “yes” thing to make you feel good! Can definitely see both sides to that.

    That plaid would be fantastic.

  3. Would that I could have a MIL that would actually TAKE my side rather than her oppositional pose that is permanently in place. Sigh. Great play. Yay MIL!

  4. Thanks so much for linking up to Trifextra. Remember, this weekend’s entries are being judged by the Trifecta community, so I hope you were able to cast your vote(s). Winners will be announced with the Monday post. Hope to see you back then.

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